EP 08: A peaceful world starts with a peaceful home. With Lorena Seidel

Excited to have Lorena Seidel with us! She has been wonderful to get to know over the years and has lately been a great supporter of The Art of Parenting podcast. She has a beautiful calming energy as she shares her wisdom with us.

What we Talked About

  • Forgiving and accepting ourselves and our children.
  • Parenting is an opportunity for us to grow and it takes a lot of inner work. She shares how she did that work herself through meditation and EFT.
  • How Bunny taught her the importance of empathy. 
  • Emotional Hygiene and how to deal with emotional injuries.

Things to Remember

"Look at parenting as an opportunity to grow." -Lorena Seidel

Recommended Resources

Lorena mentioned: 

Over to You

I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this.

Are you interested in trying EFT? Once you do, come back and let us know how it went. Or if this is something you currently practice, please share your success stories in the comments below. 

More About my Guest

Lorena Seidel M.Ed. is a Social-Emotional Learning consultant, a certified Montessori teacher, a trained Positive Discipline Educator, a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, and a mother of three.

Lorena has helped thousands of parents and teachers stay strong, calm, and remain effective even under the most stressful moments. She has guided them to develop their children’s social, emotional, and life skills. Lorena has transformed the home-life and the parent-child relationships of hundreds of families- for good!

Lorena is also the author of The Purposeful Child: A Quick and Practical Parenting Guide to Creating the Optimal Home Environment for Young Children. Lorena lives in Connecticut with her husband and three daughters.

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2 thoughts on “EP 08: A peaceful world starts with a peaceful home. With Lorena Seidel”

  1. I absolutely loved this episode of the show. Jeanne-Marie, I feel like you ask all the right questions! I really enjoyed hearing all that Lorena had to share, and I’ve already checked out her website, signed up for her free mini-training, and even bought her book. Started reading it last night and implementing some of her ideas today! I also looked up EFT and tried it out when I got angry a couple of times. It definitely seemed to help. Thanks for producing such an informative and helpful podcast. It is one of my new favorites. 🙂

    • Marisa! Thank you! I can’t even tell you how much this means to me. Please leave a review on the iTunes platform as well, this will help get the podcast in more ears. Full of gratitude your way!


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