Help Your Child Refine Language and Sounds

A parent I consulted with recently asked me how she could best ensure her young daughter would grow to become a proficient reader. I told her that in the Montessori approach to language development and reading, we believe that sound games should come first. Sounds are ultimately the essence of the words we read on a page.

Isolate the beginning sound of an object in a game such as I-spy; have the child pick out the correct object related to its matching sound associated with the start of its name. For example, the word “key” starts with a “kuh.” Be sure to emphasize the phonetic sound, not the actual letter, when playing this game. With time and practice, the child will develop a strong awareness of sounds and phonemes.

The Montessori method gives the child the opportunity to learn to write before they read; writing comes from within and is a source of self-expression. That’s why sound games are so beneficial at this young age. It is the first in a sequence as they develop the ability to find their own voice. This game will help your child refine their own language and find words more clearly.

Much later down the road of phonetic awareness, your child will be ready for another wonderful activity for language development as they can begin to work with phonetic objects, shared here.

Find out how to set up this game for your child and why it’s a great step toward their mastery of language, reading, and self-expression.

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