Using Napkin Rings as an Educational Toy for Your Child

Often times in my coaching practice I will advise parents that they don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on the latest or most expensive educational toy on the market. By thinking outside the box just a little, they’ll find many household objects are a great option for purposeful play.

Such is the case with napkin rings! A young child as early as eight months old can begin to exercise their visual discrimination as they attempt to place napkin rings onto a wooden peg. They’ll also get a chance at perfecting their hand-eye coordination as they move the objects from place to place.

Using objects made from natural materials such as wood, metal, leather or silver are more beneficial in providing your child with sensory information than you’ll find from most store-bought toys, which are typically made from artificial plastics. Since your child is likely to place these objects in their mouths, it’s better to avoid the plastics as they may contain harmful chemicals.

A set of bracelets is a great alternative if you don’t have napkin rings at home!
Find out why this everyday item is something you and your child can both get excited about!

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