Children Love to Make Flower Arrangements

When I was working as a teacher in the mixed-age Montessori classroom it was always a delight to look around the room and see flowers on the tables. Most amazing was that the children took even more delight in preparing these arrangements themselves.

In the Montessori approach, we know that children thrive most when they feel they are a valued part of their community, whether at home or at school. Their self-esteem increases when they’ve played an important role or made a significant contribution.

By offering your child a variety of fresh flowers and providing access to a vase or two, you can easily set up this activity to teach them how to come up with their own creative arrangements. Since children are naturally attracted to colorful flowers, they will have fun making the family household a more visually appealing one.

In addition to beautifying your home, your child will see first-hand how flowers bring happiness to others and feel personally satisfied with their carefully-crafted arrangements. This will ultimately give them a sense of pride not only in themselves but also in their home surroundings.

Initially, the sequence of preparing the flower arrangement can be a simple one, with just a few choices. It can become more complex with practice and time.

Pro tip: start with a glass vase so that your child can see how much water they are using to fill it with … otherwise, children have a tendency to over-pour!

Flower Arrangement by Jeanne Marie Paynel from

Find out why encouraging our little ones to participate in the creative activity of flower arranging will teach them how to better appreciate and take care of their home environment.

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