Raising a Transgender Child. With Rachel Gonzales

Raising a Transgender Child with Rachel Gonzales

Rachel and I met soon after the birth of her first child, she moved away and I’ve watched her navigate parenting with awe. Listen in as she shares what it’s like raising a transgender child.

What We Talked About

  • How her daughter revealed her true essence to the world.
  • Parents must go through their own transition as they support their child
  • Guiding transgender children to know when it is safe to be open about who they are to other people.
  • The unfathomable issues her family has had to deal with to keep her children safe from threats and danger
  • How schools can be supportive of LGBTQIA+ children

Things to Remember

“90% of parenting is unpacking your own things, your own bias, your own issues, your own childhood and your own expectations of what you think parenting will be.”

“Follow your child, they know who they are.”

“Any child that isn’t feeling safe is not going to learn.”

“Trust that you know yourself and you know your child.”

“We are not going to change hearts and minds if we all hide.”

“I can say that having a transgender child is one of the best things that could have happened to me. I am a much better person and human.”

– Rachel Gonzales

“This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another.”

“We deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise.”

– Elliot Page

Additional Resources

Parents for Transgender Equality National Council

Let’s Continue the conversation…

Now, Rachel and I want to know from you!

What personal unpacking have you had to do to accept your child as they are? Listen in to learn from my guest what she had to unpack to raise her transgender daughter.

Leave a comment below and let us know, you’ll also be helping others to know what is possible.

Remember The Art of Parenting was created for you, if you have any suggestions for experts I should have on the show or parenting questions you want to be answered please let me know here.

More About My Guest

Rachel Gonzales is an advocate and ally in the fight for transgender equality, both in her home state of Texas and across the United States. She is the parent of a transgender child and serves as a member of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) National Parents for Transgender Equality Council. 


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  1. Beautiful interview. Thank you so much to Rachel Gonzales for her courage in speaking up for transgender kids. We all need to be vocal in our support. Even in California Proud Boys have been slandering LGBTQ+ supports in schools.


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