Cutting Away the Fear Around Scissors

Teach Your Child to Use Scissors Safely

The simple exercise of cutting out paper snippets can be a highly engaging and enjoyable activity for a child, but is often daunting for the supervising parent, who may be cautiously watching over their young one handle a pair of scissors for the first time.

The key to your child’s successful learning is to set the tone for safety from the start, not only by providing a demonstration of how to hold the scissors but also by giving a clear message about safe usage; advise them that if the scissors are not handled carefully we can hurt ourselves.

As the child masters this new skill for the first time it’s important that as parents we take the role of a mindful observer rather than letting our own fears get in the way. Allow the child to practice their fine motor skills and explore the power of this new implement without stepping in too much. They may wish to cut their own hair — don’t be alarmed or react fearfully — this is a natural way for them to understand how the scissors work.

If careless behavior is exhibited while your child is cutting snippets, however, calmly step in and take charge or tell them you are going to put an end to the activity. From a place of non-judgmental observation you can alert them to their own misuse; ending the activity is a natural consequence that conveys they will have a big responsibility to learn.

Misuse of scissors is most likely attributed to the child becoming bored or finding the exercise too challenging. You can better instill a growing sense of confidence by attempting the activity again at a later time, without having to punish them or reinforce any fears.

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3 thoughts on “Cutting Away the Fear Around Scissors”

  1. I really enjoy these little videos Jeanne-Marie. I am a grandmother of two young toddlers and I have almost completed my studies to be a Montessori teacher, having taught in the mainstream for 43 years! I love their simplicity, the way you set everything out, your explanations and the presentation.

    Thank you for taking this degree of care in making and showing the videos, they are really wonderful!

    • Jennifer, thank you for your kind words. Your grandchildren sure are lucky to have you and studying Montessori. Do you plan on being a guide once you are done?
      I do miss being in the classroom preparing it for our ‘adults in the making’. Good luck with completing your studies.


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