A few of my favorite things #5


What is it? Why do I like them?
When are they appropriate for children*?

  1. Russian nesting dolls, also  known as a matryoshka or babushka doll. These nesting dolls are ideal to add beauty in the child’s home and to give them the opportunity to develop their fine motor, eye hand coordination and learn the concepts of scale. If you care to make your own, follow this DIY instructional video10 mos. +
  2. Parenting books. A few books from my personal bookshelf, you can find more on my resource page . For you
  3. Japanese sake ceramic cups, these little ceramic cups are ideal to start your child drinking from a real cup. No need for ‘sippy-cups’. Found at my local Daiso store. 6 mos. +
  4. Opening and closing, activity. Place a few items with different fasteners in a shallow basket, your child will enjoy working with these as they help him with skills to be independent. These are are from my personal collection.  9 mos. +
  5. Wooden spreaders, for little hands. These wooden spreader are perfect as the child’s first knife, for cutting bananas, avocado or anything soft, wonderful for spreading activities as well.  Found in a local gift store store. 12 mos. +
  6. A wooden nut and bolt, a lovely gift for young children to practice their fine motor skill. Found at the Michael Olaf Montessori Shop . 9 mos. +
  7. Pouring grains, from my personal collection. Two identical clear pitcher, one contains small grains, to practice pouring from pitcher to pitcher. 24 mos. +
  8. The world according to Mister Rogers, a lovely compilation of wise world from one of America’s favorite child advocate.

*The appropriate age will depend on the child’s individual development and abilities as well as interest. These are all approximate ages; it is essential to follow your child’s needs by learning to observe them.

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