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object permanence

Slicing A Banana - Training for Child Skills - Voila Montessori

Slicing A Banana

The Five Keys to Your Child Success Last week we talked about preparing our home to help our children be successful. This week, let’s focus on Montessori materials. How hard

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voila montessori Prepping A Banana

Prepping A Banana

How a Little Preparation Goes a Long Way Many parents like to help feed or dress their children, even when the children become capable of doing it on their own,

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Voila Montessori Food Preparation for Children - Spreading Cream Cheese

Spreading Cream Cheese

If You Only Do One Montessori Activity at Home, Do This One I challenge you to think of one activity that exposes your child to math, language and science, while

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Simple Montessori Activities: permanence box

Object Permanence Box

Object Permanence Box by Jeanne Marie Paynel from I recently received this question from a client: “My 8-month old freaks out every time I am out of her sight.

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