Simple Montessori Activities: bracelets on peg

Bracelets on Peg

The bracelets on peg is a simple eye-hand coordination activity for the young child. This activity engages the child’s visual discrimination on the road to independence, teaching him what he is capable of doing with

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Simple Montessori Activities: stiching block

Stitch Block

As you start thinking about holiday gifts for your children or those of family and friends, remember to question the purposeful and intelligent activity behind each toy. This stitching block is the perfect example: it

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Simple Montessori Activities: opening closing containers

The Simple Joy of Containers

 Opening Closing Containers by Jeanne Marie Paynel from You don’t need to purchase expensive toys to entertain your young child. Everyday objects found around the home can offer hours of engagement and fascination,

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Simple Montessori Activities: dusting plant

Dusting a Plant

A small duster made of natural wool or a small soft brush will give the child the opportunity to carefully dust the leaves of non-toxic plants. The simple task of dusting leaves gives the child

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