Seasons 1 + 2

Age : All Ages

Discover the secrets and wisdom from 45 world-renowned experts in the field of child development, psychology, lifestyle, and health, as they share their valuable insights and knowledge to create the family and life you desire.

45+ audio interviews, informative e-books, resources with links and Jeanne-Marie’s take away


Video Bundles’ Content

This video bundle includes:

This package combines Season 1 + 2 with 45 world-renowned experts; just to name a few of them: Shefali Tsabary, Kim Payne, Dr. Jane Nelsen, Susan Stiffelman, Laura Markham, Latham Thomas and much more... You can find the full list of experts by clicking on the links of the individual season below. In addition, the 2 summit booklets collect the expert's information, useful links and the topics we discussed during the interviews.


- Season #1 Interviews (.mp4 files)
- Season #2 Interviews (.mp4 files)


- Summit #1 Booklet (.pdf)
- Summit #2 Booklet (.pdf)