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“Simple mindful strategies to raising happy, independent and successful children in today's fast-paced world.” Learn from 21+ world-renowned experts in the field of child development, parenting, psychology, and lifestyle, as they share their insights and wisdom to creating the family and life you desire.

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Meet Our Experts

Laura Markham

Clinical Psychologist

Kim John Payne

Consultant and author of Simplicity Parenting

Dr. Jane Nelsen

Marriage & Family Therapist

Kim West

The Sleep Lady

Dr. Marcy Axness

Development specialist and popular international speaker

Marnie Craycroft

Creator of

Nicole Johnson

Founder of The Baby Sleep Site

Dr. Lauren Noel

Naturopathic Doctor

Abby Bordner

Parent Educator & Consultant

Sandy Blackard

Founder of language of Listening

Dr. Angelique Milette

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Amanda Morgan

Creator of

Tracy Cutchlow


Lori Petro

Certified Parent Educator

Maren Schmidt

Teacher & Author

Amy Bryant

Mental Health Counselor

Karen Young


Claire Heffron & Lauren Drobnjak

Creators of

Samantha Barnes

Founder of Raddish

Patty Wipfler

Director of Hand in Hand Parenting

Deb Chitwood

Creator of

Liz Barker Aquino

Executive Director at Soccer Shots

Scott Noelle

Parenting Coach