Montessori Nursery Checklist

Age : 0 to 1 year

Guided by Baby ‘Infant Must Haves’ has been created to help you make informed decisions when thinking about what your baby might need during the precious first months of life. The Montessori home is essentially very simple, free of clutter and of any type of constraints or containers for babies, to allow for freedom of movement.

Infant must-haves like topponcino, floor bed, natural toys, mobiles and its sequence, the low shelf DIY instructions, favorite products and more…

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Product Content

This bundle includes:

  • An e-book (.pdf) with
  • Infant Must haves: topponcino, topponcino covers, a sleep sack, a floor bed, forward facing changing table, natural toys, mirror and bar, outdoor blanket, adaptable chair
  • Mobile Sequence
  • Low Shelf DIY Instructions
  • Favorite Products