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Infant-Parent Classes

Workshops - Age : 2 to 17 months

Weekly Classes: dates and location TBD The Montessori Parent-Infant class is your opportunity to get your questions answered and experience if Montessori is right for you and your family. Come join me as we explore together the different principles Montessori as to offer and how you can incorporate it into your daily life at home.

Weekly 90 minutes classes of socialization with other parents and infants. Weekly topics (home environment, movement, routines, sleep patterns, independence, and language acquisition...)


Workshop Content

This course includes:

Weekly topics such as home environment, movement, order, sleep patterns, independence and language acquisition will offer you moments of clarity in parenting your little one. You will be with your child as they explore simple Montessori materials. You’ll learn a great deal about child development while making new friends in a supportive parenting group.

• The importance of self-feeding
• Healthy sleep habits and self-regulation
• How to foster proper communication
• Encouraging fine motor skills
• The power of rituals and routines
• Gross motor development
• Nurturing your independent learner
• Toilet independence
• 8 consecutive weeks of 90 minutes classes
• Supportive parenting group