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private coaching to prepare for baby arrival

Congratulations on your soon-to-be baby! My ‘Before Baby’ private coaching sessions were created to empower you with knowledge so that you can be ready for the happy event. I know how these times can be a bit overwhelming, so much to think about and information to sift through. I am here to guide you in understanding your important role as your child’s first teacher. My private coaching sessions are ideal for first-time parents as well as parents anticipating the arrival of a new sibling. My recommendations are founded in the world-renowned Montessori method. I will help you apply these principles at home and in your daily life, easing the stress of parenting from the start.

voila montessori before baby art of childbirth


Prepare for what is to come. We will focus on a specific parenting and child development topic. This coaching session is best if done during the third trimester of pregnancy.

  • Preparing for the ‘fourth trimester’
  • Dealing with relatives
  • What to be getting, doing and making
  • Encouraging communication from the start
  • and so much more…
voila montessori before baby are you ready


This coaching session prepares you to welcome your baby with proven natural and nurturing parenting principles. Know that it is much easier to develop positive and gentle parenting skills from the start than to have to undo unwanted behavior later.

  • Bonding with baby
  • Your partners invaluable role
  • Your baby’s registry
  • Nesting activities
  • Basic home set-up
voila montessori before baby focused nursery


Coaching session offering personalized guidance on how to properly set-up your baby’s nursery. Montessori inspired nurseries and homes are a wonderful way to give your child the best start in life. Learn about the four basic areas:

  • Sleeping area
  • Feeding area
  • Physical care area
  • Movement area
voila montessori before baby ideal registry


Are sure you really need all those fancy gadgets? Are those toys and apps really the best for your child? Voila Montessori will help you stay smart about what should go on your baby’s registry. My suggestions are based on simplicity, while respecting the natural development development of your child.

  • Intelligent age appropriate toys
  • Choosing books for you and baby
  • Pros and cons of popular items
  • Valuable services to consider
voila montessori before baby are you ready


Wouldn’t it be great to get everyone on the same page before baby arrives? Make sure your parenting choices are being respected. Voila Montessori will meet with everyone involved in your baby’s care ensuring best practices are being used for the healthy development of your child. Additional training can also be set-up for your main caregiver.

  • Respectful handling of baby
  • Proper communication with baby
  • Encouragement vs. praise
  • Basic knowledge of Montessori principles

Parenting was never meant to be done alone

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