Strengthen Language and Senses with the Mystery Bag Game

It’s something we adults take for granted — the ability to reach into our purse and feel around for our keys, or maybe dig into a backpack pocket looking for the chapstick or mobile phone.

This is thanks to our stereognostic sense, which allows us to identify the objects we can’t see using other sensory information. A growing child will have fun developing this useful part of their brain when you introduce them to the mystery bag game.

Simply place a few household items into an opaque, thickly textured bag (so that no hints of form or shape are identifiable from the outside), and ask your child to reach in and attempt to find or describe specific objects. A variety of pieces can be used; perhaps a shell, a key or a small cup.

While marveling at their own ability to solve mysteries using their own senses, your child will also benefit from strengthening their language skills as you invite them to describe the objects they are feeling inside the bag. They will be naming items they’ve seen around the house, which is great practice for their vocabulary.

As a parenting coach, this is one of my favorite games to share with my clients. In the Montessori method we understand the basis of our language skills to be our senses, so what better way for a child to literally be able to bridge together their words with their feelings than with the wonderful mystery bag game!

Mystery Bag by Jeanne Marie Paynel from

Learn about the benefits of this wonderful game, which you can easily create for them at home!

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    • You are welcome Emilie, an added bonus to this bag I made, which you can’t tell in the video is the inside is lined with velvet an added sensorial experience. Enjoy!


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