Yes, it does take a village…

and here’s yours!

Be the calm, confident and peaceful parent you want to be with the support of the Montessori Parenting Community

Sadly, the doors to the Montessori Parenting Membership Community are currently closed.

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And create the family and home you’ve been dreaming of.

In our Montessori Parenting Membership Community,  I share all of the tools and strategies I’ve acquired over my many years of mentoring and helping families find their peace of mind and enjoy a stress-free family life. I’ve created this community for YOU to be the parent you want to BE. Let go of the stress and overwhelm today and enjoy your parenting journey with your beautiful children.

You both deserve it.

Monthly Tutorials

Monthly Tutorials

Get all your parenting concerns answered and learn how to support your child’s healthy development in these pre-recorded video tutorials. Topics include:
Setting up you Montessori home, getting children to listen and participate in daily tasks, toilet independence, healthy habits for the entire family, and much, much more.

Live Interactive Q&A

Live Interactive Q&A​

Join your host and all the members in these live and interactive coaching sessions. Get all your pressing questions answered. These lively discussions are meant to encourage and give you the tools you need to better understand your children. Replays are available when you can’t make it live.

Parenting Toolkit

Parenting Toolkit

I share all of the resources I’ve created over my many years of mentoring, speaking, interviewing, writing, etc. with you. You’ll have access to my latest finds as well as get your personal workbooks and journals to inspire and motivate you to be the parent you want to be.

Supportive Village

Supportive Village

You and I know parenting was never meant to be done alone. Find your tribe in this supportive and encouraging village of like-minded parents. Open 24-7, our private group is here for you.

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Meet your host

Montessori Expert, Parenting Mentor, and Home Consultant

Hello, I’m Jeanne-Marie, and anyone who knows me will tell you I’m extremely passionate about helping loving parents create the most nurturing, positive, and effective environment possible for their growing family.

A parent myself, I know how hard it can be at times. I have been in your shoes and I am here to tell you it does not need to be so difficult.


With proper guidance and support, parenting can be the most joyous and rewarding adventure you will ever experience…well, maybe a few bumps in the road but nothing you can’t handle.

I’m here to share my expertise as a mentor to families around the world and from my many years in a Montessori classroom. I travel the world to share this passion and want to share it with you in my new and intimate membership community.


Won’t you join me!?

  • Owner and Founder – Voilà Montessori
  • M.Ed in Montessori Education – Loyola University
  • Association Montessori Internationale – Birth to Six Years Diplomas
  • Positive Discipline Educator – Parent & Classroom
  • Author & International Speaker – Montessori & Positive Discipline
  • Host of Be the Best Parent You Can Be – Interview Series
  • Co-host of The Montessori Show – YouTube



Jeanne Marie