Building Confidence With Avocados

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Help Your Child Mash, Watch Them Grow!

The finished product might be a healthy snack of mashed avocado on toast, or maybe a savory spread for some celery sticks and crackers. Perhaps it will be a bowl of guacamole the whole family can share.

No matter the outcome, your child can feel a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing they have contributed to the family snack by taking part in the important act of mashing the avocados themselves!

Rather than sending a child out of the kitchen when it’s time to cook, inviting them to participate in the process sends a message of trust in their abilities and allows them to feel they are a valued part of the family. As an added bonus, children involved in food preparation are less likely to be picky eaters; they’ll want to taste their own culinary masterpieces.

Dr. Maria Montessori understood a child’s inner needs by the phrase, ‘Help me to do it alone.’ Here are a few ways you can set the child up for success as they embark on the challenge of mashing an avocado for the first time:

Slow movements: It’s important to slowly model how to mash an avocado before the child starts on their own, then step back and provide support only as needed or when requested.

Real materials: Use child-sized kitchen implements that are easy for their small hands to manipulate.

Order: Organize the activity for them on a tray, which creates a defined workspace and makes it easier for them to focus.

Learning new skills such as this one instills a sense of confidence within the child that carries on in their development. They will also feel joy sharing the fruit of their hard work!

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Guacamole represents something greater when your child is involved with its’ preparation. Did you know that this enjoyable kitchen task can help your child flourish into a confident and engaged young member of the family?

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