A few of my favorite things #4

  What is it? Why do I like them? When are they appropriate for children*?   Child size chair, so important to have practical and beautiful child-size furniture. Found this one at the “Marché aux Puces” (flea market) in Paris, I was enthralled by how many beautiful pieces of furniture were appropriate for children (more below). 10 mos. […]

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A few of my favorite things #2

What is it, why do I like them and when* are they appropriate for children? Color coordinated kitchen utensils, found at a local bargain store. Color coordinating children’s activities helps them with their sense of order. It is essential when setting up activities to have all of the items together so the child does not need […]

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Eat, Poop, Sleep – Part 3: Toileting Awareness by Pilar Bewley

Eat, Poop, Sleep – Part III: Toileting Awareness In part II of this series, we discussed how parents use the Montessori approach to help children develop independent eating habits. Today we’re going to discuss the importance of helping your child develop toileting awareness, and we’ll examine the signs of true “readiness”. Here’s a common scenario […]

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