The Walking Child

Grasping Toys - Reach for These! Infant Toys

Reach for These! Infant Toys.

Reach for These! Infant Toys. Whether finding the way across the carpet on all fours or manipulating objects with all five fingers, your infant is constantly expanding their physical and

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Pouring Using a Funnel - Montessori’s Practical Life Activities for Your Child

Pouring Using a Funnel

 Pouring Using a Funnel by Jeanne Marie Paynel from STEP BY STEP Montessori’s Practical Life activities provide many benefits to your child: independence, skill development, and coordination are

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A few of My Favorite Things #5 - Parenting Guides

A few of my favorite things #5

What is it? Why do I like them? When are they appropriate for children*? Russian nesting dolls, also  known as a matryoshka or babushka doll. These nesting dolls are ideal to add beauty in

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